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Webinar: Pull Out All the Stops and Make the Right Decisions for SAP License Management

Understand, Measure and Optimize: Named User Licenses, Business Packages, Indirect Access, SAP HANA and Business Objects

SAP license management comes with high complexity: defining and allocating the right named user licenses, accurately measuring business packages, and delivering transparency on the usage of Business Objects and SAP HANA make software license management a demanding task.

Join KPMG and Flexera Software for this webinar to find out how to pull out all the stops and make the right decisions for the future of your SAP Software Asset Management program. The right Software Asset Management processes and license optimization tools will help eliminate uncertainties and risk and you will be able to plan and budget future purchases based on accurate usage data.

  • Automatically optimize Named User licenses and Business Packages in preparation for SAP LAW reporting
  • Define Transaction profiles for Limited Professional Users as a basis for converting them to another type
  • Get transparency on SAP indirect access, e.g. when using Salesforce
  • Know what to consider when integrating third party products

Learn how to identify and eliminate SAP license management pitfalls. With a smart combination of manual and automated software license optimization you will be in a position to manage SAP licenses more efficiently and to include SAP in your enterprise software asset management program.

Identify and Eliminate SAP License Management Pitfalls

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