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The Journey: Creating "One Avid"

2011 SoftSummit Keynote by Chris Gahagan, SVP of Products & Solutions for Avid

The 2011 SoftSummit Keynote Address featured Chris Gahagan, SVP of Products and Solutions for Avid.

Chris shared his journey of creating "One Avid." His story, not unlike most software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers that serve multiple market segments, began with the idea of the value that unified licensing could bring to his organization. Chris shared this insight, "One licensing approach does not work for Avid's significantly varied users and market segments……however, a Unified Licensing Framework will."

Chris outlined Avid's licensing framework requirements and from there describes Avid’s journey of creating a unified licensing framework, including: getting started, getting smart, getting validation, getting committed, getting busy and finally going live.

Learn about Avid’s journey of creating a unified licensing framework

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