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White Paper: Multi-Platform Installer Best Practices

Learn Best Practices for Building Multi-Platform Installers

A well-planned installation and deployment strategy should be part of any serious software development project. This white paper written by Robert Dickau will assist developers of multi-platform applications create professional, reliable software installations that make a favorable first impression for your products. It covers the fundamentals of installation planning and shows you how to use InstallAnywhere to manage the different aspects of your installation projects according to proven best practices.

Occasionally, you will find that planning a software installation is simple. Put the files to disk in their specified location, and the application will just work. However, this situation is usually not the case. In today’s world of systems integration, installation stacks, suite installers, and client-server application development, you are far more likely to run into a very complex installation scenario-one requiring multiple steps, multiple products, and intricate configuration steps.

The idea behind using a fully featured installer such as InstallAnywhere is to minimize the impact that this sort of complexity will have on your customers and your end users. As such, it is important to carefully plan your software installation process and installation needs prior to beginning development.

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