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White Paper: What Installation Authors Need to Know About COM Extraction

Learn about InstallShield’s COM Extraction Feature to Make the Best Choices for COM Servers

By Josh Stechnij, Senior Software Engineer

COM extraction was originally created to be a tool for populating Windows Installer COM/registry table data without having to manually determine and populate data by hand from a given COM server. Windows Installer provides the Class, Registry, Typelib (deprecated), and ProgId tables to automatically install COM server registration data in a way that allows for consistent rollback on failed installations and also provides a way for Windows Installer to hook into application usage to verify installation consistency (install on demand/self-resiliency). Over the years since COM extraction was first provided, InstallShield has updated COM extraction functionality in an attempt to provide more accurate extraction and useful functionality.

This white paper provides background on how COM extraction works in InstallShield along with a how-to guide.

Learn About COM Extraction

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