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White Paper: Agile Practices and Installation Development

Delivering Software Iterations Quickly

Learn about how installation development is increasingly integrated into agile development practices. Agile processes are characterized by multiple iterations and frequent delivery of working software to users, who provide rapid and almost continuous feedback on the scope and direction of the application.

The ability to create and manage a flexible installation package is a critical part of meeting the goals of agile projects. This white paper discusses the business drivers, common characteristics, and limitations of Agile processes, as well as best practices for Application Installation.

"Agile software development is key to our global product strategy, and implementing a strategic installation solution that supports agile development is critical. Flexera Software has listened and has delivered InstallShield 2012, a game-changing product that offers tremendous functionality for our agile team to integrate installation development into our processes and support our iterative, collaborative team."
Mark Hanson
Software Engineer
Advanced Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc

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