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Webinar: Expand Agile Practices to Software Installation Development

Watch this Webinar from Visual Studio Magazine to learn how to build software installations according to agile best practices. This Webinar outlines the challenges that agile teams face in building and deploying applications rapidly, and how best practices in software installation development strategy and technology are key to the success of any agile development team.

Learn how:

  • Agile methodologies are designed to support rapid application building and deployment at any time
  • Application installation development has moved from an individual to a team effort
  • Best practices can accelerate application building and deployment while also ensuring a high-quality software installation experience

Customer Testimonial

"InstallShield 2011 should be an installation development environment of choice for Visual Studio users, ensuring that Visual Studio applications of any kind can be professionally installed and work with the latest Microsoft technologies and platforms."
Jason Zander
Corporate Vice President of Visual Studio

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