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Webinar: Agile and Installation Development

Supporting Agile Projects with Flexible Installation

By special guest speaker Peter Varhol

One of the principal tenets of agile development methodologies is the ability to have working software ready for delivery at the end of development iterations. The need to deliver several successive iterations to users raises challenges in installer development which must be complete in order to provide users with a great initial experience, and at the same time be flexible enough to adapt to changing application needs throughout the development lifecycle.

This Webinar discusses the importance of creating a professional installation package as part of an agile development process, and how to best integrate installation into an agile product development effort.

Watch this Webinar to learn:

  • Why agile methodologies require building and delivering software frequently.
  • How to manage installer development so that it supports the rapid release, installation, and uninstallation of iterative releases.
  • How to provide end users with a superior installation experience throughout the life of an agile project.
  • How Flexera Software installation solutions support the ability of agile teams to deliver fast releases to the user community.

Speaker Biography:

Peter Varhol is Principal of Technology Strategy Research, an independent research and analysis firm specializing in the software application lifecycle. He has graduate degrees in computer science and mathematics, and in his 25 year career, has been a software developer, software product manager, technology journalist, and college professor. Peter is a well-known speaker at software conferences, and has authored dozens of articles on software development theory and practice.

Learn how agile development methods provide end users with a superior installation experience

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Customer Testimonial

"Agile software development is key to our global product strategy, and implementing a strategic installation solution that supports agile development is critical. Flexera Software has listened and has delivered InstallShield 2012, a game-changing product that offers tremendous functionality for our agile team to integrate installation development into our processes and support our iterative, collaborative team."
Mark Hanson
Software Engineer Advanced
Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.