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InstallShield 2014 Premier Free Trial

How the World Builds MSI Installers and App-V Packages for Windows Applications

For over 20 years, InstallShield has been the gold standard for building Windows software installations, used by virtually every major software company in the world. More software developers trust InstallShield to give their software a flawless localized software installation experience, keeping their end users happy and support costs down.

Customer Testimonial

"We sell software in a competitive market, so we make sure our users have no reason to look at other products. InstallShield has been giving our users a fast and flawless installation experience for the past 15 years, and with the release of InstallShield 2014, we are completely confident that we will continue to exceed expectations, especially in the cloud and virtualized environments. Every software experience starts with installation; Flexera Software provides us with the best of starts."
Gerard Nicol

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This download of InstallShield is an evaluation of a development product to help software companies design reliable software installations for their customers. If you are having trouble installing a particular software program, please contact the vendor of that program for support. Or you can visit Consumer Central at