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Improve Collaborative Installation Development and Maximize Productivity

Installation development used to be an isolated, tactical step at the tail end of an application development process managed by a dedicated team member. Today, however, it must be integrated into the agile development practices, where installation responsibilities are distributed amongst the team and are an essential element of the iterative, development process.

The InstallShield Collaboration add-on has been significantly enhanced to better support distributed installation development by allowing product developers and technical writers to create and manage their portion of the installation.

Improve Collaboration and Maximize Efficiency

  • A new project type called Developer Installation Manifest (DIM), which is a feature-sized collection of related items such as product files, shortcuts, registry entries, text file changes, IIS Web sites, and other elements that together make up a discrete portion of a product installation.
  • A new Developer Installation Manifest Editor that can be separately installed and used by the entire product development team to create and manage their installation files. The manifest can then be dynamically or statically linked by the Installation Author to the product’s Basic MSI project – significantly streamlining and integrating the collaboration that is needed between product development and installation development – especially for decentralized, distributed teams.

Without an installation development solution capable of supporting distributed teams working on multiple projects, with multiple user types, the modern software development process would grind to a halt.

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