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Achieve Breakthrough Results with Your Software Asset Management and License Optimization Program

The success of every software asset management and license optimization program hinges on delivering business value. But there are many challenges, such as poor Software Asset Management (SAM) processes, lack of entitlement data, license complexity, and de-centralized software procurement.

Watch this Webinar to learn how Flexera Software’s Global Consulting Services organization can help you meet these challenges and deliver real business value. Flexera Software services help customers successfully implement or improve their SAM and license optimization program and achieve the highest return on investment.

Learn about:

  • Assessing the ROI for a SAM and License Optimization Program—building the business case
  • SAM Process Maturity Modelling and Improvement—developing best practice processes
  • Business and Technical Implementation
  • Rationalization, Reconciliation and Optimization—‘Snapshot’ services for Audit Readiness and more
  • Value Realization—How to achieve the fastest ROI

Achieve Highest Return on Investment with License Optimization Services

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