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Going Beyond Email: Targeted In-Product Messaging

A FlexNet Connect Software Updating Solution White Paper

Email rules the world of software marketing. Because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to both produce and distribute, it has become the most popular and ubiquitous vehicle for marketing applications, with software vendors everywhere flooding the inboxes of prospects and customers each day with news of new products, releases, and promotional offers.

But while email’s popularity as a software marketing vehicle is undeniable, its effectiveness remains in question. Most email campaigns receive between 1% and 4% click-through rates, meaning 96% to 99% of the target audience ignored the message’s call to action. Is this effective?

Ironically, it is email’s popularity that has become its biggest shortcoming. People’s inboxes routinely overflow with new email, many of which are marketing new products and services, and the likelihood that any particular message will be noticed, much less read, becomes more and more remote with each new email that comes in. Plus, with the growing sophistication of spam-blocking software and increasing governmental legislation regulating email marketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for email marketing messages to get through. As a result, many software vendors and high-tech device manufacturers are looking for other, more effective ways to market their products.

This white paper examines the problems with using email as a marketing tool and discusses a new vehicle for promoting software, called targeted in-product messaging. It also provides an overview of FlexNet Connect, the software updating and in-product messaging solution from Flexera Software.

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