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White Paper: Software Updates and the Customer Relationship

Eight Issues That Impact Retention, Profit and Your Ability to Compete

In today’s relentlessly changing business environment, software has to be updated constantly. Features have to be added to address evolving needs. Fixes have to be provided to resolve quality and security issues. While one might expect that only software vendors would care about software updates, it turns out that many intelligent device manufacturers and enterprises are also in the software business today. In fact, many intelligent device manufacturers provide customers with software add-ons or embedded software in hardware products. And, many enterprises develop custom applications for use by internal staff and independent dealers or distributors. In all these cases, there’s a growing need to manage the development, delivery and support of software on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, many software vendors, intelligent device manufacturers and enterprises view software updates as an after-thought. Read this white paper for an in-depth look at what constitutes a best-in-class, strategic software update process and solution.

View the Video: Intelligent Device Manufacturers: Software License and Entitlement Management Trends

Randy Littleson, Senior Vice President, Marketing for Flexera Software, discusses how intelligent device manufacturers are using software to differentiate themselves from competition and grow profitability, and how software licensing and entitlement management solutions can enable this transformation.

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