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White Paper: Build vs. Buy

Designing an Effective Software Update Solution

The easiest and most effective way to ensure customers have the latest software updates and patches is for vendors/manufacturers to use an electronic software update delivery solution with built-in usage reporting. Such a solution enables software vendors to proactively deliver software updates and patches to their user base, as well as receive real-time usage data reports detailing how many users have installed any software update, the total number of active users of an application, and more.

Once a software vendor decides to use an electronic software update delivery solution, one question that usually arises is whether the software vendor should purchase the solution or attempt to build their own software updating solution. On the surface, building an software update delivery solution may seem like a relatively simple task, one that might take a few software developers just a month or two to accomplish. But creating an effective software update delivery solution is far more complex than it might seem.

This white paper details the requirements a software development team must consider when designing their own software update delivery solution. It also discusses several of the technical components developers must program into the solution, and a few of the additional challenges they must overcome in order to create and maintain an effective software updating solution. Finally, this document introduces an alternate for software vendors contemplating building their own software update delivery solution.

View the Video: The Business Value of Electronic Software Delivery to McKesson

Clare Dorney, Operations Manager at McKesson, discusses the business value that the company realized from deploying an electronic software distribution solution from Flexera Software. The company chose this route in response to customer demands. Clare also shares best practices and offers suggestions to other companies considering an entitlement management-based electronic software delivery capability.

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