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Telecommunications Equipment Providers: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction, and Revenues, with Embedded Software

An Embedded Licensing, Device Monetization and Entitlement Management White Paper

For Telecom and Networking Equipment Providers

More than ever, embedded software is playing a central role in intelligent device manufacturers’ go-to-market strategies. This trend is especially apparent in the telecom and networking equipment providers market.

As embedded software becomes more integral to telecom and networking equipment providers, more and more manufacturers are discovering the power of software licensing. With licensing, manufacturers can turn device features and/or capacity on and off as appropriate. This allows them to charge customers for the capabilities they want, while not charging them for capabilities they don’t want. Electronic licensing enables manufacturers to more effectively use embedded software as a means of monetizing, provisioning and managing the features and functionality they provide in their devices.

This white paper outlines key trends and opportunities influencing telecom and networking equipment providers, and how the FlexNet Producer Suite for Intelligent Device Manufacturers, Flexera Software’s market-leading embedded software licensing, device lifecycle and entitlement management solution, can help telecom and networking equipment providers increase profit margins while overcoming device commoditization.

View the Video: Leveraging Software Entitlement Management to Better Meet Customer Expectations

Jason Ruppert, Director of Operations at Harmonic, discusses why they moved away from a homegrown software entitlement solution to a solution by Flexera Software. They did so to better meet customer expectations for self service and reduce internal costs of maintaining and enhancing the system. Jason explains the process they went through and the benefits they realized in doing so.

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