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Creating New Value & Revenue Streams with Embedded Software

An Embedded Software Licensing and Entitlement Management White Paper

For Electronic Test and Measurement Manufacturers

More than ever, embedded software plays a central role in intelligent device manufacturers' go-to-market strategies. This trend is especially apparent in markets electronic test and measurement – where manufacturers are under increasing pressure to innovate, rapidly enter new markets, control costs, maximize incremental revenue from existing customers, and deliver a competitively differentiated customer experience.

As embedded software has become more integral to their business, more and more electronic test and measurement manufacturers are discovering the power of software licensing. With embedded software licensing, manufacturers can turn device features and/or capacity on and off as appropriate. This allows them to charge customers for the capabilities they want, while not charging them for capabilities they don’t want. Licensing thus enables manufacturers to more effectively use embedded software as a means of managing and monetizing the features and functionality they provide in their devices.

This white paper outlines key trends and opportunities influencing electronic test and measurement manufacturers today, and how the FlexNet Producer Suite for Intelligent Device Manufacturers can help these companies to fundamentally improve their business.

View the Video: Extending the Product Life Cycle with Embedded Licensing

Learn how CPU Tech addresses the unique security needs of their company's defense contractor customers, and how embedded software licensing and entitlement managmeent enables those users to access secure devices with confidence and in full compliance of security regulations.

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