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Pay As You Grow Electronic Licensing

Managing and Provisioning Device Capacities and Capabilities

An Embedded Software Licensing White Paper

Businesses today are operating in a marketplace of uncertainty. Most are still reeling from the economic downturn. And most are unsure about just how strong the recovery is likely to be—or whether it will actually sustain itself over the long term. In this kind of market, corporate decision-makers are not likely to make large capital investments. Market uncertainty and volatility simply makes such investments too risky. Plus, many have depleted their capital resources to survive that downturn and/or no longer have access to their traditional sources of capital.

This white paper, discusses one strategy that is currently gaining momentum to address this marketplace uncertainty - a "Pay As You Grow" business and software license model - often used by telecom and networking vendors. Under a "Pay As You Grow" model, vendors can permit customers to make relatively small initial investments in capacity and/or functionality—and then expand that investment incrementally only if and when the business need arises. This insulates the customer against the downside risk of over-investing, while providing the vendor with both present and potential future sales.

View the Video: Intelligent Device Companies Becoming More Software-Centric with Software Licensing

Andy Roth of Tekelec shares how software licensing and entitlement technology will provide Tekelec with long term agility, the ability to become more software-centric, and enable them to tailor its products to meet market needs, more quickly and efficiently.

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