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Ten Steps to Optimizing Your Software Licensing Revenue

A Practical, Proven Transformation Program for Intelligent Device Manufacturers

Embedded Software Licensing & Entitlement Management

Today's global technology marketplace is challenging, competitive, and dynamic. In response to these market conditions, technology vendors are re-thinking their business models and product strategies.

If you're a intelligent device manufacturer, an attractive business transition strategy is to move into the software business by becoming more software-centric in how value is delivered and monetized. By delivering more value to your customers in the form of software, your company can increase margins, build competitive differentiation and recurring revenue streams, more precisely target multiple market segments, and dramatically increase customer satisfaction. Cumulatively, these advantages can have a substantial—and even transformational—impact on your company's bottom-line business performance.

So how can your company become more software-centric? How can your company leverage software to drive revenues, efficiency and flexibility? How can it most effectively reap the rewards of software-based revenue streams, while avoiding the risks associated with entering a new business? Read this white paper to learn how intelligent device companies are leveraging software licensing business models to drive revenue.

View the Video: Intelligent Device Companies Becoming More Software-Centric with Software Licensing

Andy Roth of Tekelec shares how software licensing and entitlement technology will provide Tekelec with long term agility, the ability to become more software-centric, and enable them to tailor its products to meet market needs, more quickly and efficiently.

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