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FlexNet Publisher Software Licensing — Free Trial

Premier Software Licensing Technology for Software Vendors

FlexNet Publisher software licensing makes it easy for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers to manage, secure, enhance, and grow market share through flexible pricing, packaging, licensing, and protection of their software and SaaS offerings.

To maximize revenue and market penetration, software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers need to offer software licensing models for their products that fit each customer’s need without having to go back to product development every time a new model is used.

FlexNet Publisher makes it easy to introduce products with a simple software licensing model, such as locked licensing, and then easily migrate to more sophisticated ones, such as floating licensing and product bundle licensing – all without any infrastructure upgrades.

You can select from over 1,000 license models for your products, including floating, token, named user models, and many more.

Video: Extending the Product Life Cycle with Embedded Licensing

Learn how CPU Tech addresses the unique security needs of their company's defense contractor customers, and how embedded software licensing and entitlement managmeent enables those users to access secure devices with confidence and in full compliance of security regulations.

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