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White Paper: Getting Maximum Value from Enterprise Software with Application Usage Management

Application Usage Management for the Enterprise

Enterprises such as yours face many obstacles in their efforts to use software assets effectively and gain maximum value from them. Thousands of applications may be spread across multiple business units and geographies. Those applications change constantly as IT rolls out upgrades, patches and new applications. Moreover, licensing terms, conditions and use rights differ from one application type and from one vendor to another.

The continuous stream of evolving and emerging technologies only adds to the problem, and addressing these challenges effectively will be essential to successfully guide the enterprise through crucial technology initiatives that include desktop transformation, consumerization of IT, virtualization and cloud computing while managing compliance risk and software spend.

The answer lies in replacing tactical efforts with a strategic approach to Application Usage Management, a consolidated and centralized approach to maximizing software value and optimizing usage across the application lifecycle.

Download the white paper “Getting Maximum Value from Enterprise Software Assets with Application Usage Management” and learn how you can:

  • Prevent software overspend
  • Reduce license liability risk
  • Bring consistency and standardization to application deployments and support new application delivery models
  • Maximize utilization of on-premise, software as a service (SaaS), virtualized and cloud-based enterprise software
  • Minimize the complexity and costs of migrating to new platforms, operating systems and technologies
  • Future proof applications so you can quickly adapt to and embrace technology innovations

Get Maximum Value from Enterprise Software with Application Usage Management for the Enterprise

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