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White Paper: Six Steps to Continuous Application Readiness

A Comprehensive, Automated Approach to a Predictable Process for Preparing and Delivering Any Application to Any Device at Any Time

Application Readiness is a continuous process of best practices and technologies that ensure consistency and optimal operations, leverages prior investments, such as packaging technology, and automates each phase of the process so that software deployments are continual, reliable and predictable.

This paper outlines the six key steps of an Application Readiness process, illustrates the major tasks within each phase, and explains how Flexera® Software’s solutions, AdminStudio Suite and App Portal, can reduce the risk and cost of ongoing service transitions by providing a consistent approach to delivering application services on a regular basis.

IT leaders can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of service transitions and increase the ability to adapt and scale in response to changes in technology and business needs.

  • IT operations managers can increases predictability in terms of outputs and measurements to accurately scope and budget for service transitions so there are no surprises.
  • IT service delivery managers can exceed SLAs and deliver application services to the business faster and more reliably.
  • Employees, customers, and partners get faster and more reliable access to the latest software, without outages or interruptions in service.
  • The enterprise gains a new level of agility in responding to fast-changing business conditions, competitive threats, and customer needs.

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