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White Paper: Creating an Enterprise App Store

Think about the incredible level of convenience technology has brought to your personal life. Ordering books online and downloading it to your iPad or Kindle or downloading music from iTunes to your MP3 player. Employees in enterprises of all sizes and in virtually every industry are now demanding that same level of convenience in the workplace. This demand is driving a major trend, the consumerization of IT, which involves giving employees access to business applications in the same way and from the same devices they use in their personal lives. An online app store is proving to be a highly effective model for aligning IT with this consumerization trend.

An enterprise app store gives people a simple, intuitive means of finding and acquiring the applications they need to do their jobs. User self-service results in a dramatic reduction of help desk calls, and that drives down support costs. In addition, the app store gives IT higher transparency to the business and helps IT change its image from technology provider to service provider.

The challenge is to implement an enterprise app store without jeopardizing security, regulatory and licensing compliance or driving up cost. That requires balancing ease of requesting and immediacy of fulfillment with effective control. To achieve this balance, an app store solution must meet stringent criteria.

Download the “Creating an Enterprise App Store” white paper to learn how you can:

  • Facilitate user self service
  • Ensure security and regulatory compliance
  • Ensure software license compliance
  • Control costs
  • Provide rapid fulfillment
  • Leverage existing resources

Address the Consumerization of IT without Jeopardizing Control

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