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White Paper: Creating a Well-Stocked, Well-Managed Enterprise App Store

Implementing a Successful Enterprise App Store and Unifying the Software Request, Application Packaging, Deployment and License Management Processes

An enterprise app store is an important component of an effective Application Usage Management strategy as it is gives employees a consumer-like, self-service experience in gaining fast, reliable access to the applications they need to do their jobs. It also helps drive down IT costs by taking a huge load off the IT staff by automating the process of employees’ requests for applications.

Read this white paper for factors you need to consider to ensure the successful launch of an enterprise app store and give employees a rich selection of approved applications, yet still have the right controls in place to minimize risk and optimize software spend.

The white paper also discusses the integration of Flexera Software App Portal enterprise app store with FlexNet Manager and AdminStudio to enable enterprises to unify the software request, application packaging, deployment and license management processes to create a centralized approach to managing applications throughout their entire lifecycle.

Integrate an App Store with Application Packaging and License Management

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