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Webinar: A Smart Strategy for Streamlining and Accelerating Windows 7 Migrations

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel, Learn From Others' Insights and Mistakes

Most IT professionals are familiar with the issues and frustrations that can come up during an operating system migration. With many moving parts and tasks to be accomplished, it is easy to run into problems migrating the thousands of desktop and web applications to Windows 7, finding and fixing their compatibility issues, and then packaging and deploying them is overwhelming. Adding to the pressure is that mistakes made during the migration can have serious business consequences.

As with any task though, we can learn from the past experiences of others. The best practices from other organizations that have already migrated to Windows 7 may come in handy. Why should an IT department reinvent the wheel if they can learn from others' insights and mistakes?

Learn from organizations before you how they made the move to Windows 7. Register for “A Smart Strategy for Streamlining and Accelerating Windows 7 Migration” Webinar to learn about:

  • The application compatibility challenges facing those who haven’t yet migrated to Windows 7
  • The best practices for migrating to Windows 7
  • Recommendations for Windows 7 deployments using real-world examples
  • Taking a look ahead to migrations to Windows 8

More than 10,000 enterprise, government and educational institutions rely on Flexera Software to reliably and rapidly package more than one million applications, so, let us share what we know and have learned from organizations that have already migrated to Windows 7.

This Webinar is over. Please check back soon for the recorded version.

Learn Best Practices for Migrating to Windows 7

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