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White Paper: Profiting from the Transition to Physical + Digital Solutions

Essential Guidance for Network Equipment Providers

5 Considerations for Staying Competitive and Making Money

Network equipment providers’ core business model is under pressure due to a combination of business and technology trends impacting the telecommunications industry. This white paper looks at the trends and provides essential guidance. Including these 5 considerations for staying competitive and making money:

  1. Manage business model complexity
  2. Develop software pricing strategies and capabilities
  3. Capitalize on software maintenance
  4. Orchestrate the physical to digital supply chain
  5. Protect software intellectual property


Customer Success Story

Communications Equipment Provider Cuts Support Costs and Improves Customer Satisfaction

The company implemented FlexNet Embedded licensing technology and FlexNet Operations from Flexera Software in order to replace its homegrown licensing solution and provide customers a stable and efficient means for self-administering licenses and entitlements. These products are part of the FlexNet Producer Suite for Intelligent Device Manufacturers.

Learn How to Profit from the Physical to Digital Shift

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