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Market Trends: Move Beyond Homegrown Licensing and Entitlement as the IoT Creates New Revenue for Software

Gartner Report

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a new type of software vendor. Devices are becoming intelligent because of the software available on them, and it is now possible to update that software remotely. For device manufacturers who embed software on their devices, licensing and entitlement management is vital to protect, differentiate and monetize their offerings.

This report provides device manufacturers the information needed to help protect and monetize their intellectual property (IP).

Key Topics:

  • Monetizing software for new revenue - drivers and inhibitors of adoption
  • Pros and cons for building or buying a license and entitlement management solution
  • Emerging cloud options for integrating and supporting the Internet of Things
“By 2020, a failure to put in place a Licensing and Entitlement Management system will result in a 20% drop in potential revenue generated from software for device manufacturers connecting to the IoT.” – Gartner

Help Protect and Monetize Intellectual Property

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