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Research Report: IDC MaturityScape – Subscription Business Model Management

A subscription business is a relationship business. One of the best aspects of the subscription model is that it enables a company to build a strong relationship with its customers. These relationships evolve differently than those involving a one-time transaction. Subscription approaches need to support customers that wish to ease into a relationship with the product or service as well as those that are deeply committed. For companies that wish to move their subscription businesses, the following topics should be considered:

  • Start looking at your business from the customer perspective.
  • Even if a supplier is 100% B2B, it really has to think like a B2C company.
  • Order management is more complex with subscription because of the potential for a much shorter customer life cycle.

This study is designed for suppliers of products or services that are sold via subscription business models, and it provides a framework of stages, critical measures, outcomes, and actions required for the effective management of subscription approaches. IDC's Subscription Business Model Management MaturityScape can be used to assess current competencies and maturity and identify steps for improvement as well as help identify the critical process, technology, and customer experience strategies and the corporate values that help drive effective subscription businesses.

Learn how to manage profitable subscription business models.

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