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Expert Panel: Software Monetization Trends and Best Practices with IDC and Flexera Software

Presented by Amy Konary, Research Vice President with IDC and Flexera Software

Software Monetization experts share predictions and best practices on the topics that are driving transformation in the technology industry. If you are a software vendor looking to adopt new subscription, usage and outcome-based business models or a device manufacturer looking to monetize your software and establish recurring revenue models, this panel discussion will address all these issues as well as the impacts of cloud, virtualization and IoT.

Sample panel discussion topics include:

  • Why the rapid growth in subscription models? What are some best practices when moving to subscription?
  • What processes and tools need to be in place to meter usage of SaaS and on-premises software?
  • How can I monetize usage in virtual environments?
  • What’s an outcome-based business model? Why are these models gaining traction? How will companies track, report and monetize based on outcomes?
  • What’s driving the hardware to software transformation?
  • What guidance would you give to hardware companies that are transforming to software-based offerings and services?

Panel Members

Amy Konary, Research Vice President at IDC

Cris Wendt, Principal Strategy Consultant at Flexera Software


Ann Reist, Software Monetization Product Marketing at Flexera Software

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