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Webinar: Considerations When Transitioning to Physical + Digital Solutions

Essential Guidance for Network Equipment Providers

Network equipment providers’ core business model is under pressure due to a combination of business and technology trends impacting the telecommunications industry.

Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Network are two of the more dramatic technology shifts impacting network equipment providers, with the potential to disrupt their business models.

Business trends impacting network equipment providers include pressures from service provider and enterprise customer segments to reduce costs, demand for flexible buying and consumption models that involve a combination of capital and operating expenses (Capex and Opex) and the advent of smaller, nimbler competitors that are looking to capitalize on the technology trends to leapfrog incumbents.

These trends are fundamentally disrupting the core businesses of many network equipment providers and maintaining status quo is not a luxury they can afford.

Vikram Koka, Vice President, Intelligent Devices & Internet of Things at Flexera Software, and Amit Sarkar, Senior Manager, Product Management-Platform at Polycom, Inc. address what's driving this transition and provide guidance on strategies, best practices and lessons learned to deliver an excellent experience for providers and their enterprise users.

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Vikram Koka
Vice President
Intelligent Devices and Internet of Things
Flexera Software

Amit Sarkar
Senior Manager,
Product Management - Platform
Polycom, Inc.