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Webinar: Customer Insights — Internet of Things Robotics Company Monetizes Software for Growth

Learn How a Leading Robotics Company is Monetizing the Internet of Things.

Hear how an industry leader is leveraging proven software licensing, entitlement management and software delivery and update technology to monetize the Internet of Things!

Join Flexera Software and Josh Hartung, CEO of Harbrick, to hear first-hand why Harbrick, makers of Polysync® - "the autonomy operating system" selected Flexera Software to meet their software monetization needs.

The webinar will review Harbrick's:

  • Challenges and business drivers
  • Their build versus buy decision
  • Key software monetization requirements and capabilities
  • Implementation process and lessons learned
  • Future plans
"Most application producers don't get how critical licensing and entitlement management is for revenue generation - we weren't going to make that mistake. If you do it right, you can plan for the future - ensuring the flexibility, change and scale that would otherwise be a disruption for the business and potentially anger users."
Josh Hartung

Hear First-Hand Why Harbrick Selected Flexera Software

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