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eBook: How Do I Transform My Hardware Business and Supply Chain Processes to Support a Software Business?

Guidance on Transitioning to a Software-Centric Business Model

Over the last several years many hardware manufacturers - from startups to global conglomerates - have asked us: “How do I transform my hardware business model and supply chain processes to support a software business?”

It’s a daunting task for sure, particularly when you factor in that the Internet of Things is significantly impacting many manufacturers, forcing an increased pace of innovation while at the same time requiring higher customer expectations. If you are like most manufacturers you may realize that you need to stop giving away the software on your devices and start monetizing it in order to establish recurring and predictable revenue streams.

This eBook discusses the hardware to software shift, the changing business requirements for successfully managing a software business and provides guidance on next steps.

Learn how Alex made the shift from a hardware-only to a software-centric manufacturer.

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