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eBook: 10 Reasons to Buy a Purpose-built Software Monetization Solution

Why You Should Leverage a Commercial Solution and Not Build Your Own

Software Monetization is the key to maximizing your valuable IP – but how will you do it?

Unless you have unlimited resources – time, money and people – and can afford to shift your focus off your core competencies – you’ll want to leverage a commercial, off-the-shelf Software Monetization solution.

Historically, many application producers attempted to build their own systems, when at some point they realized that it was a losing proposition. The in-house “homegrown” solution was inflexible, did not scale, and required too many resources that should be applied in other areas of core-competency. Ultimately, they decided that a commercial Software Monetization solution was best.

Read this eBook that arms you with 10 reasons to buy – and not build - that can be used to develop the business case for leveraging a commercial Software Monetization solution.

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