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eBook: Best Practices for Growing Your Software Monetization Maturity

How do I continue to maximize the investment of my software monetization solution and strategy after my initial deployment?

It’s very typical for customers to have a critical time-to-market issue – increasing revenue, delivering stronger renewal rates, improving customer satisfaction, and/or streamlining key business processes – that drives an initial software monetization deployment. However, the journey towards software monetization maturity doesn’t end there.

Governance is the key to software monetization maturity.

Governance is a continuous cross-functional process that is required to achieve higher levels of maturity. The purpose of governance is to harmonize the three key elements – Revenue Model, Product Design, and Entitlement Management – of any software business.

Read this brief, illustrative eBook to learn more about these key elements to ensure that software monetization objectives can be achieved in order to drive the desired business outcomes.

Grow Your Software Monetization Maturity

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