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White Paper: Flexera Software and IDC Research Survey Report

Software Budgets, Waste & Shifts in Software Licensing

Enterprise software counts among an organization’s most strategic assets. Therefore it is not surprising that software comprises one of the largest line-items in most organizations’ IT budgets. As enterprises rebound from the “great recession,” they continue to look for ways to be agile, lean and efficient. In furtherance of those goals, software budgets are being examined closely, with an eye towards ferreting out waste, and ensuring acceptable ROI. As confirmed in this research report, conducted by Flexera Software and IDC, organizations are evolving in their quest to derive more value from their software spend. And as application producers accommodate this trend, they are realizing greater value as well. Download the report to learn more.

Infographic – Shelfware is Holding Shrinking Software Budgets Hostage

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