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Webinar: How Software License Optimization Empowers IT Procurement

Hear From Joe Freda, Flexera Software’s CFO

Software licensing costs account for a significant portion of the typical IT budget—as much as 25 percent—and they represent a substantial cost for today’s enterprise. And, cloud services spend is growing five times faster than the rest of the IT budget. It’s up to IT procurement teams to keep these costs in check while meeting the current and future software and IT infrastructure needs of the enterprise without overbuying or under buying licenses and cloud services.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how software asset management and license optimization processes and tools:

  • Enable IT Procurement to go beyond discounts to achieve cost optimization on software license agreements
  • Provide visibility into software installations and usage trends that aid contract negotiations
  • Maintain compliance with license agreements to avoid software audits and unbudgeted true-up expenses
  • Avoid “shadow IT” and retain control of the software and cloud services procurement process
  • Gain visibility and control of cloud infrastructure services to contain costs and maximize cloud utilization
  • Empower vendor management teams to maintain win-win relationships with software vendors

Software Visibility for IT Procurement, Sourcing, and Vendor Management

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