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Webinar: SAM and Security Teams Must Join Forces to Enhance Security

Leverage Normalized Software Inventory Data for Vulnerability Management

There is a critical relationship between Software Asset Management and Vulnerability Management. Many aspects of the work to manage software assets have a direct impact on the security and risk profile of organizations. If you work in Software Asset Management: “whether you realize it or not, you play an important role in Information and IT Security.” And, you also collect and manage a wealth of data that is critical to identifying software vulnerabilities and mitigating security risk.

Organizations that are able to leverage software asset inventory data combined with software vulnerability data can rapidly address the most critical cybersecurity threats and stay ahead of the game. They can more effectively reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals and hackers, keeping their business protected from threats like ransomware and out of the infamous data breach news.

Join us to hear how these two disciplines—Software Asset Management and Security, can work together to help organizations be more efficient and more secure.

Learn about:

  • The important role that Software Asset Management plays in enhancing IT security
  • How normalized software inventory data from FlexNet Manager Suite can be used to drive the Software Vulnerability Management process in Vulnerability Intelligence Manager
  • How Vulnerability Intelligence Manager identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities and helps mitigate security risk

If you are a Software or IT Asset Manager, please invite your IT security colleagues to attend.

Enhance Security with FlexNet Manager Suite and Vulnerability Intelligence Manager

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