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Webinar: How do You Pick the Best SAM Tool for the Job?

ITAM Review’s SAM Tool Buyers Guide Can Help You Assess Different Tools

There are many different types of IT tools available that claim to provide Software Asset Management (SAM) capabilities in one form or another. For example, there are discovery, inventory and data normalization tools. There are also IT Asset Management, Configuration Management, and IT Service Management tools that provide some level of SAM support. Your organization probably has several of these sorts of tools already in its IT environment.

How do you decide what tools you need to add to your arsenal to provide the best possible management of software assets, and how do those tools work with your existing systems?

Watch this webinar to hear how the ITAM Review’s SAM Tool Buyers Guide can help you assess different tools using these six areas of functionality:

  1. Visibility - Discovery and inventory
  2. Identification - Recognition of software titles from raw data, identification of applicable product use rights, etc.
  3. Risk - Identification of areas of license compliance risk and ways to remediate
  4. Efficiency -What’s being used/not used, license reclamation, where can maintenance costs be reduced, etc.
  5. Agility - ITSM integration, service request automation, support for automated request/approval processes, etc.
  6. Continuous Service Improvement - Monitoring process performance and governance, KPIs, dashboards and management reporting for SAM

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