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Webinar: Crafting Your Oracle License, Contract and Vendor Management Strategy

Tips from R “Ray” Wang, CEO and Enterprise Software Contracts Guru at Constellation Research

Join Flexera Software and R “Ray” Wang, Constellation’s CEO and enterprise software contracts guru, in an exclusive webinar on crafting your Oracle relationships. Organizations using Oracle products face strategic decisions in shifting to the cloud and addressing digital transformation. The shift to the cloud presents significant opportunities and concerns for your long term on-premises software strategy.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • Navigating the Oracle audit process
  • Implementing mature SAM processes for Oracle license management
  • Crafting Win-Win scenarios
  • Setting your own strategy for moving to the cloud with Oracle
  • Application strategy development

Learn how to gain visibility and control of your Oracle software investments, understand how to craft your go forward application strategy, take charge of your Oracle license position, and understand how to negotiate with Oracle for new contracts, renewals and cloud migrations.

Take Charge of Your Oracle Relationship

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