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Webinar: Software Audits: Negotiating Settlements and Mitigating Audit Risk

Your key vendor relationships are important to your ongoing business. A software audit should not be the end of that relationship as you once knew it; nor should it be a one-sided outcome.

Learn some tried and tested audit settlement best practices from someone who has worked on both sides of the business as a software publisher audit program manager and a software asset management (SAM) consultant to enterprises.

Watch this Webinar to learn:

  • How to more efficiently manage the audit process while positioning your organization for the best possible outcome
  • The processes and tools you should have in place to avoid audits in the future

About the Speaker

Mike Koss is a Vice President at Flexera with over 30 years of professional experience focused on software license compliance, software, hardware and services selling, and IT consulting.

Mike has extensive leadership experience in sales and services, including 16 years of managing diverse, global teams of software, hardware and IT services professionals selling solutions to Fortune 500 clients. He is a sought out creative thinker and valued colleague always willing to help solve tough business problems, specifically large deal creation and negotiations.

Learn Best Practices for Managing a Software Audit

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