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Webinar: Assess Your License Optimization Maturity and Develop a Plan for Improvement

IDC MaturityScape: Software License Optimization

Managing the software licensing landscape within most companies is a complex task, which is made more complicated by the sheer number of contracts to be managed (hundreds, if not thousands) as well as the different types of licenses that must be administered. Industry trends such as virtualization, cloud, and increased flexibility in software licensing have added to this challenge, ensuring that the complexities associated with understanding and managing software assets continue to increase.

Watch the Assess Your License Optimization Maturity and Develop a Plan for Improvement Webinar with IDC analyst Amy Konary to:

  • Gain a framework of stages, critical measures, outcomes, and actions required for the effective management of software license assets for the purposes of spend optimization.
  • Assess current competencies and maturity and identify steps for improvement.
  • Develop sound practices to support your business goals and objectives
  • Help identify the critical people, process, and technology strategies that help drive effective software license optimization.

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Develop Strategies for Effective Software License Optimization

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About the Speakers

Amy Konary, Research Vice President, Software Licensing, Provisioning, and Delivery at IDC focuses on software pricing, licensing, and delivery research. In this role, Ms. Konary is responsible for providing coverage of software go-to-market trends including volume license programs, evolving license models, global price management, and licensing technologies through market analysis, research and consulting.

Randy Littleson, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Flexera Software, has a distinguished career spanning marketing, business development, software development, professional services, and product management for technology businesses. At Flexera Software he oversees company branding, product management, and marketing strategy.