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Webinar: Managing and Optimizing VMware Licensing

VMware is the market leader in server virtualization technology—most large enterprises and many small to medium size businesses use this technology in their production datacenter environments. Server virtualization penetration continues to grow, with as much as 60% of server workloads running on virtual machines.

Attend the “Managing and Optimizing VMware Licensing” Webinar to learn more about the processes and technologies needed to perform discovery, inventory, license reconciliation and license optimization for VMware software products, with a focus on the datacenter server.

Flexera Software will also introduce the new FlexNet Manager for VMware product that enables organizations to optimize VMware licensing. You will gain insights into:

  • Primary license models used for the VMware vSphere and vCenter products
  • VMware license entitlements—product use rights, that you must apply to determine an optimized license position for this key vendor
  • Some of the licensing issues you need to consider when running other vendor’s applications in a VMware virtual environment

Register today to hear how you can gain control of your VMware licensing and reduce ongoing costs.

Optimize Your VMware Software Licenses

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