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Webinar: Managing the Full Lifecycle of Your Software Assets

Trends and Best Practices from Industry Analyst Patricia Adams, Gart

Learn how organizations like yours can manage the full lifecycle of software assets – from packaging and deployment to upgrades, contract renewals and retirement. Hear about best practices for ensuring application compatibility, maintaining license compliance and fully leveraging license entitlements.

Watch the “Managing the Full Lifecycle of Your Software Assets” Webinar to gain insights into:

  • Key trends, best practices and market conditions driving asset management – straight from Gartner
  • Streamline application service delivery and be ready for change
  • Mitigate license compliance risk and ensure proper governance
  • Optimize software spending and reduce costs

Register today to hear how you can streamline your asset management processes to improve service delivery, and reduce software deployment and governance costs, while optimizing software utilization and spend.

Streamline Your Asset Management Processes

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