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Integrate Software License Optimization and ITSM to Drive Efficiency and Cost Savings

Guest Speaker, Martin Thompson, ITAM Review Analyst

Organizations are realizing the business value of integrating Software License Optimization and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and tools. The data provided by a Software License Optimization solution enhances ITSM functions such as Change, Configuration, Performance and Capacity management. Likewise, hardware asset data from the CMDB can aid Software License Optimization, particularly for licensing in datacenter server environments.

Software License Optimization solutions go well beyond the typical software asset management (SAM) capabilities of ITSM tools to optimize licenses and reduce ongoing costs for software. In addition, an integrated enterprise app store helps streamline the application request, approval and delivery process while also enabling proactive license compliance.

Watch this session to hear how integrated ITSM, Software License Optimization and enterprise app store tools reduce costs for software and improve service delivery through more efficient processes.

Reduce Costs and Improve Service Delivery

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