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Webinar: Gaining Visibility and Control of Your Hardware and Software Assets

First and foremost, your IT asset management program is all about having visibility and control of your assets—

  • What do you have installed?
  • How is it being used?
  • Are you in compliance with your software license agreements?

View this Webinar to learn about best practices for achieving visibility and control of your IT assets. We’ll use FlexNet Manager Platform capabilities to illustrate some of these processes.

Learn how your organization can more easily reach Level 3 Maturity—Continuously Compliant through automated software asset management (SAM) processes. At this level of maturity, organizations are always audit ready, can dramatically reduce the time required to respond to an audit and avoid unbudgeted true-up costs– register today!

Process Maturity and Business Value

Stay Continuously Compliant With Automated Software Asset Management Processes

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