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Webinar: Getting Your Arms Around The Cloud

Tips from R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and Chairman of Constellation Research

The drive to adopt cloud services is growing at a rate that is 5 times that of the rest of IT spend. Many companies are adopting cloud infrastructure services to offload IT infrastructure management, realize faster time to value, fast access to elastic computer resources, and high reliability.

But with all the benefits of public cloud infrastructure, there can also be some challenges, including:

  • Multiple cloud accounts and instances need to be managed to avoid overspending
  • Utilization of cloud instances (virtual machines) must be tracked and optimized
  • Cloud services contracts need to be negotiated in an environment of increasing contract complexity

View the “Getting Your Arms Around The Cloud” Webinar to hear from Eric Feldman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Flexera Software, and special guest R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and Chairman of Constellation Research, on cloud contract negotiation tips and "secrets" to help you get your arms around the cloud.

Negotiate Cloud Contracts and Control Costs

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