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Webinar: Installation Best Practices

5 Tips for Building Upgrades, Updates and Patches

Creating software updates is standard procedure for virtually every software company in the world. Knowing the best practices to follow when creating and deploying an update-friendly Windows Installer (MSI) installation goes a long way to ensuring a smooth, successful update experience for your end users down the road.

This informative, complimentary Webinar examines:

  1. Designing your original Windows Installer setup project to best prepare it for future upgrades
  2. Designing upgrade packages to install later versions of your products
  3. Understanding the different types of updates supported by Windows Installer
  4. How InstallShield streamlines the installation and update authoring processes
  5. Major upgrades, minor upgrades, updates - what’s the difference?

Customer Testimonial

"InstallShield has been giving our users a fast and flawless installation experience for the past 15 years, and with the release of InstallShield 2014, we are completely confident that we will continue to exceed expectations, especially in the cloud and virtualized environments. Ever software experience starts with installation; Flexera Software provides us with the best of starts."
Gerard Nicol

Learn the Best Practices That Ensure a Successful Update Experience For Your Users

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