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Webinar: What’s New in InstallAnywhere 2014

Simplify Installation of Complex Multiplatform Applications

InstallAnywhere is the leading multiplatform development solution for application producers who need to deliver a professional and consistent installation experience for physical, virtual and cloud environments. From a single project file and build environment, InstallAnywhere creates reliable installations for on-premises platforms – Windows, Linux, Apple, Solaris, AIX , HP-UX, and IBM – and enables you to take existing and new software products to a virtual and cloud infrastructure.

The newest release, InstallAnywhere 2014, includes new capabilities that simplify the creation and deployment of multi-tier Web/server applications for traditional, virtual and cloud infrastructures. New functionality enables easier application upgrades, streamlined installs of MySQL and built-in efficiency when deploying WAR files.

  • Simplify development and installation of upgrades with a new standard framework that automatically detects and removes prior versions of your application.
  • Simplify development of installations for multi-tier or Web/server applications by easily adding databases and supporting panels when deploying to the latest versions of MySQL.
  • Use new built-in panels that give your end users even more flexibility by supporting easier deployment of WAR files to local or remote Apache Tomcat 6, 7, and 8 servers.

Watch the Webinar to find out what’s new!

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