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White Paper: Flexera Software and IDC Research Survey Report

Producers Profiting from the “Appification” of the Enterprise

The proliferation of consumer devices and apps has made an entire generation of users accustomed to employing software in highly tailored ways to accomplish specific tasks. Those consumers are also employees – and their growing comfort with technology is driving Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and consumerization of IT trends within organizations. And this is resulting in demand for the same user-friendly, tailored, task-oriented software experience in the enterprise that employees experience at home. It’s driving the “appification” of the enterprise.

Application producers are eager to cater to the evolving needs of enterprise workers to grow their businesses. In recent years we’ve seen a cascade of change in the enterprise software sector – from new software delivery models (i.e. virtualization, cloud, Software-as-a-service) – to new approaches in developing applications (i.e. agile development, mobile app development) accommodating a market eager for a familiar, consumer-like experience in the workplace.

This report examines how enterprise application producers are transforming their business models to profit from the appification of the enterprise.

Infographic – Producers Profiting from the Appification of the Enterprise

Learn How to Profit From the Appification of the Enterprise

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