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Webinar: The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution

Sophisticated, Scalable … and Business Smart

Ian Bryson, Director, Cloud Solutions, Flexera Software
Kurt Michel, Director of Product Marketing - Media, Akamai

Much of the focus in the software world is on building the applications. However, the software delivery experience for users across the world is the first impression and an important moment. Smooth downloads leave a good impression. Problem downloads leave a poor impression, even before the product is used. Beyond the first impression, it’s also an important revenue protection moment. Only customers with current licenses should be allowed to download software and updates. Accurate tracking of who is entitled to software is a core component of electronic software distribution. The powerful sophistication of today’s electronic software delivery solutions has increased their popularity as a means to achieve these goals.

Join Flexera Software and Akamai to learn:

  • Software Distribution Challenges
  • World Class Electronic Software Delivery Solutions
  • How to Get Started

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