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New Monetization Strategies for Leveraging Technology

Cloud, Virtualization, Internet of Things and More

Make Software Licensing Easier to Implement and Manage

Application producers and intelligent device manufacturers want to focus their development resources on innovating business solutions for their customers, not on figuring out how to license their software in today’s continually changing technology environment. In this Webinar, application producers and intelligent device manufacturers will learn about new licensing models that simplify their customers’ experience by reducing or eliminating the need for a local license server—while providing opportunities to monetize and protect applications. Join this Webinar to learn how to:

  • Leverage any licensing model (perpetual, usage-based, etc.) with applications running in any environment–cloud, virtual and on-premises
  • Eliminate time and effort required to set up and manage local license servers
  • Increase customer satisfaction by making software licensing easier to manage
  • Ensure compliance and prevent revenue leakage in virtualized environments

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