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Webinar: Grow and Differentiate Your Device Business

Telco and Networking Software Licensing and Monetization Best Practices

For many years, technology companies sold products where functionality was dependent upon hardware and device capabilities. Acquiring new functionality usually required buying a new device that could do something that was not possible with the previous generation of device. Changes in technology, customer expectations, global competition, commoditization of hardware, tighter CAPEX budgets and customer demand for more value and functions without repurchasing hardware–or persistence of functionality across hardware changes–have forever shifted the market.

Watch this Webinar and learn how your organization can:

  • Navigate the shift from a device-centric organization to a more solution-centric, feature-based licensing model approach that enables differentiation
  • Take advantage of immense opportunities inherent in a business focused on providing extensible and flexible solutions rather than selling just hardware and devices
  • Increase recurring revenues and add flexibility to your product lines, all while making your company easier to do business with

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This Webinar was led by Andy Roth, information technology, software development and R&D management leader.